Unwinding the Body and Decoding the messages  A revolutionary practice with  yourself and your patients

In this unique course you will understand the correlation between mind and  body, and how buried negative emotions can manifest as physical diseases,  you will decipher the meaning of each disease in different parts of body, and  you will dig deeper into the science of psycho somatic medicine According  to Western and Eastern medicine along with bottom up body psychotherapy  approach for sustainable healing, you will acquire as well a greater  understanding about the secrets of mind body connection and healing tools  as never taught before!

Biological decoding allows us to understand the origin of any disease. According to this method, the bodily localization of the symptom indicates a  repressed emotion, and a meaning associated with an event, felt as  unpleasant, the “bio-choc.”

The disease no longer appears as an evil or a problem;  rather as an indicator that each of us can count on for our transformation.

What you will Learn

1.Specificity of the Bio-Decoding

2.The biological meaning

3.The biological basis of emotions

4.Biology and Unconsciousness

5.Tongue diagnosis and Basic Concepts

6.Defining the Nature of Yin Yang

7.Organs and Emotions

8.Meridians in Chinese Medicine

9.Psychosomatic according to Chinese Medicine

10.Emotions and meridians

11.Psychological diseases accu points (Depression, anxiety disorders,  OCD, Bipolar, Borderline personality, PTSD, Stress, Phobias,…) 12.Physical diseases accu points (Autoimmune diseases, PULMONARY  DISEASES, HEART DISEASES, IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME,  ARTROSIS,ARTHRITIS)