A revolutionary practice of self-empowerment

— What you’ll learn —

  • Discover a range of science-based breathing techniques that are easy to pick up and perfect for everyday use.
  • How to relief stress using breathing, how to deal with overwhelming emotions, so you can handle any challenge with unshakable confidence.
  • How to supercharge your energy levels instantly and experience better focus, productivity and performance.
  • How to strengthen your immune system: flood your organs with vital nutrients and increase lung capacity
  • How to relax instantly: feel calm and composed all day long, and enjoy uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep every night.
  • Learn the science of breathing and how to use it as a tool
  • Find inner peace: connect with your inner Truths so you can uncover your highest purpose

— Description —

Transform The Way You Breathe. Transform The Way You Live.

Discover The Easy Way To Harness The Power Of Your Breath To Rapidly Reduce Stress, Manage Your Emotions, And Strengthen Your Immune System.

Breathing for 99% of the population is automatic.

But your breath can do so much more than just sustain life.

It can, with the right techniques, reshape life.

With a single conscious breath at a time, you can dissolve stress, boost your confidence, bulletproof your immune system, strengthen your inner resolve, and thrive in all areas of life — and it may just be the single most accessible and powerful tool you have right now for living a long and fulfilling life.


The Simplest, Most Affordable Way To Melt Your Stress Away… In A Matter Of Minutes.

As personal growth practices such as meditation and yoga gain mainstream popularity, more and more people are turning to them to improve every aspect of their lives.

Problem is… Most people only ever view the way they breath as a response to a stimulus – such as stress or physical exertion.

What people don’t always realize is that the converse is also true.

You can, with the right breathing techniques, directly influence both your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, to decrease blood pressure and reduce stress levels, or elevate your energy levels respectively. More than this, you can also improve your lung capacity, the greatest predictor of health and longevity.

Here’s How The Breathwork Course Can Empower You

Discover a range of science-based breathing techniques that are easy to pick up and perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re looking to level-up your performance at work, stay calm and focused in stressful situations, or even establish a deeper connection with yourself, these tools will help you overcome life’s many challenges.

-1- Stress-Relief
-2- Deeper Self-Awareness
-3- Boost Energy Levels
-4- Strengthen Immune System
-5- Improve Focus
-6- Accelerate Healing
-7- Emotional Balance
-8- Rejuvenating Sleep

This course is composed from 4 levels ; practitioner, advanced, expert and trainers.

— Who this course is for —

  • People dealing with stress, anxiety
  • People who want to improve their performance, energy levels
  • People who want to want to improve their immune system and health

— Content —

1. Introduction

Begin your breathwork journey with one of the most versatile breathing technique, The Cleansing Breath. Designed to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, this easy-to-do breathing method will rapidly put you into a state of deep calm and relaxation in under a minute.

2. The division of the Mind

Developing a deep sense of self-awareness is a key foundation for rapid transformation through breathwork. You’ll have a more intimate understanding of the three key states of your mind — conscious, subconscious and unconscious — so you can better identify which techniques you need at any given moment.

3. How your body react to Stress

Stress has quickly become the disease of our era, and it’s not only taking its toll on the wellbeing of millions, it’s also hurting our productivity and effectiveness at work. In this lesson, you’ll discover how your body response to the stress and how this technique will help you release stress so you can overcome any challenge with poise, confidence and calm.

4. Breathing physiological and psychological effects

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when nothing seems to be going right in life. With the two techniques you’ll learn in this lesson — coherent breathing and box breathing — you’ll quickly regain balance in your thoughts and your emotions, making you more resilient and better equipped to take on life’s many challenges.

5. Pre- assessment

The using of the Chinese medicine details about the meridians and tung analysis and energy assessment.

6. The Therapy mastering

Breathwork technique have been shown to have a significant impact on lung capacity. The famous Framingham study (which followed 5,200 individuals for three decades) demonstrated that the greatest predictor of health and longevity is lung capacity. Those with higher lung capacity were healthier and lived longer than those with decreased lung capacity.
This exercise will help you reach go into a state when your parasympathetic part of nervous system is active, which promote deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
By breathing this way, you’ll improve your immune system and contribute to your longevity.
In this part of the course you will be teached to heal others by the
Transformation of the self and the induction through the Tibetan bowl technique.
Body traumas release technique and positive suggestions.
To close the session sound therapy to raise the body’s vibratory fields and open chakras.

7. Conclusion

Elaborating case studies analysis and exercises.

Course Duration: 40 hours
Language: English
Assessment: Cases Study
Categories: Healing and self-development