The Connection of Classroom. The Convenience of On Demand.

TITTI’s live online facilitated program brings the convenience of on-demand training with the connection of the classroom. It is ideal for organizations who want their employees to develop a foundational understanding of Emotional and Stress Management within a highly interactive, accessible, convenient, and cost-effective learning experience.

Why Do Organizations Choose Live Online?

– Highly Engaging: The programs are delivered using a variety of tools, exercises, and opportunities to discuss and share with each other, this program is designed to create a safe, collaborative and fun way to learn. Learners build lasting connections with facilitators and their cohorts. The learning is deepened by working together on real-life experiences and personal strategies.

– Balance Work and Learning: Hours of training that fits easily into the learners’ schedules. Organizations can choose to have teams go through the training together, or participate in our frequent open programs. This allows learners to have more choice over when they learn, so they can balance learning with their other priorities. It also allows them to connect with outside/external participants.

– Cost-Effective and Scalable: TITTI provides the facilitators and can deliver to your organization through open programs on our platform. There are no rooms, travel, or accommodation required. The reduction of travel time and time dedicated to learning limits the disruption to productivity. Organizations can also pre-purchase seats for our open programs, providing them with.